A slight change of direction

and streaming in the UK

If you’re a subscriber to this newsletter you may have noticed that I’ve missed a couple of weeks in the past month. I love creating the newsletter, not least because of the ideas I’m exposed to in putting it together. But it takes time. As consulting work has grown I’ve found less time to create the newsletter or for a couple of weeks, no time at all.

So, as a compromise I’m going to change the format which will, hopefully, allow me to continue to publish. Each week I’ll include 3 links to articles or research that I think will be helpful, with some explanation of why I felt it was important. I also include one question which I’m considering. If I can I’ll also include a link to something not directly related but useful for inspiring thought or direction (hopefully).

Please provide some feedback on the format, if it doesn’t work then I’ll probably shutter the newsletter for a while.

Ofcom the UK’s communication regulator published its latest look at media. There are some compelling slides in the various presentations. The growth of SVOD adoption by UK households is fascinating, see chart below. Take a look at the interactive presentation to drill into the data - 35% of Disney+ subscribers bought a subscription for the back catalogue and . Find the report here.

YouTube Lite - it’s been widely reported that YouTube are testing a lower priced subscription in Europe. The “Premium Lite” plan at €6.99 is close to half the price of the premium subscription. In effect this is an unbundled product with music and offline downloads being removed. Will a core ad free experience drive subscription numbers. In the US 80% of parents with kids under 11 say their children watch YouTube, 53% daily - I bet they would pay for the ad free experience. Read more.

The Information stopped sending me their “Creator Economy” email for free. Apparently it was a 30-day free trial. It was great content and having got me hooked, I’m now tempted by the half price subscription offer. Content sampling works.

What’s coming next? I listened to an episode of the Prof G podcast featuring Josh Wolfe co-founder of Lux Capital. If you want a different view of the future and what’s happening in the world take a look at what Lux thinks is important. Link.

This weeks question:

Is it worth investing more in email marketing?

In most of the businesses I’ve worked in or with in the past 2 years email is by far the most effective medium for generating paying subscribers. Yet, in most subscription businesses. it’s often set and forget, with little creative input. Why? And what could be done to break through inboxes flooded in email. I miss much more email than I ever read simply because of the huge volume.